Large Groups
Outstanding mass audience participation
Cinematrix can work with as few as 50 delegates but can scale up to thousands of participants, while set-up time and costs remain manageable.
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Energise the audience
From decision takers to decision makers
Move your audience from its usual passive consuming attitude and say good-bye to the normal presentation marathon. Dare to involve each and everyone of your audience.
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Swarm intelligence
Swarms are self-organized
Cinematrix is a great tool to experience this kind of collective behavior live. So let your audience swarm altogether!
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Games and learning modules
Real-time interaction with large groups
Cinematrix can be used for instantaneous team-building, to support learning ideas, or to engage in a dialogue with the whole group.
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These exercises teach the participants how to use the wands and provides verification that the system truly accounts for everyone. By having the different teams use their reflectors/wands to show all RED or all GREEN, they can see the dramatic color change in real time.




Each team has a light sabre on their side of the screen. They raise it by showing GREEN and lower it by showing RED . The object is to hit the energy ball as many times as possible to gain points in the time allowed.





Each team controls a fence that protects its cats by showing GREEN to raise the fence and RED to lower it. A dog runs back and forth contolled by the computer. If the dog gets over or under the fence a cat jumps on him and a noisy ruckus ensues. They both go off the screen and the other team gets a point. The amazing part of this game is that the decision about how high or low the fence moves is made instantly through non-verbal communication. The effect is quite exciting and perfect for team building.



The flight simulator is a great team builder and is often used for the finale of a Cinematrix show. The participants work together to fly a jet through goals on virtual mountain tops. The left side of the room controls left and right movement of the plane. The right side controls up and down. Cinematrix controls the speed flash directions on the screen when necessary.




Strategy is required for each team to coach their computerized player when to shoot the ball (GREEN) and when to grab the ball (RED). Groups want to keep on playing this game long after the clock runs out.





One to three teams travel through a cave whose walls are studded with jewels and nuggets. They control remote manipulator arms that collect the treasures as they go by. With one team, the game can be a team builder; with two or three teams, it can be a race to see who can collect the most gold.




The audience controls a bouncing pogo stick. The object is to navigate it over terrain that becomes more and more varied while maintaining balance or intentionally knock it down; simple but fun. The entire group shows GREEN-Left or RED-Right to guide the Pogo Stick.




There are two identical maps side by side with city names at main junctures. The object is for the teams to select the fastest route to reach the destination first. The metaphor works for phone calls, internet routing or driving.